Black Oak (Monaco) S.A.M
is an independent Asset Management firm
set up in 2017 in Monaco

Its creation was driven by the desire to develop a centre of excellence and expertise for asset management and bespoke investment advice, with a genuine focus on transparency. Its three founding Partners cumulate over fifty years’ experience in the financial industry across three continents. Our Company is approved in Monaco by the Commission for the Control of Financial Activities (CCAF) and is a Member of the Monegasque Association for Financial Activities (AMAF).


Our Mission

The preservation and growth of our clients’ financial capital is our mission.

Life is not always smooth sailing and neither are the markets. Throughout our relationship, we help you specify your needs and plan according to expectations as well as the unexpected, whilst taking into account your constraints and tolerance to the various risks that may interfere with your tranquillity.

Advisory Services

The asset advisory mandate is designed to meet the needs of clients who wish to actively participate in managing their account. Following a personalised analysis and assessment of your financial situation, we will provide you with the investment advice best suited to your financial universe requirements and/or restrictions which we will define together. The investment decision is ultimately yours but we put at your disposal our expertise, experience and knowledge of the markets in order to help you take it.

Delegated Management Mandate

Setting goals to meet the needs of our clients forms the basis of a lasting partnership. The discretionary mandate is carefully matched to each client’s profile, their financial objectives as well as their tolerance to Risk. We establish together an investment profile that takes into thorough consideration your situation, risk appetite, knowledge of the various instruments which are used nowadays in the investment universe and on the basis of this analysis, we implement a tailored management strategy which best corresponds to your profile.

Risk Analysis and Management

To minimize the threats that may jeopardize the stability of our investments, we have at our disposal recognized risk management tools. These include foreign exchange futures to reduce or suppress cross-currency risk, put options to protect equity portfolios and Treasury and Bund futures to offset interest rate risks associated with bond portfolios. We measure the performance of a portfolio in both absolute and relative terms. This allows our clients to assess the efficiency of our investment strategy and evaluate overall performance. In this endeavour, we adjust benchmarks to each individual risk profile, using internationally accepted indexes aimed at replicating the investment universe for each asset class. As a result, our clients can monitor their portfolio at any given time and instruct adjustments in order to manage performance expectations.

Black Oak (Monaco)